October 5, 2021


Coronavirus COVID-19

Murashko has announced the publication of studies of vaccines against coronavirus

Data on preclinical and clinical studies of new vaccines against coronavirus will be published in the near future, said Minister of health Michael Murashko.

“In the coming days, probably by Monday,” said the Minister.

He noted that Russian criticism of the new vaccines is largely due to the fact, “we need more data to research,” adding that not everyone knows what “vaccine released on the platform, which already made six products.”

Murashko Also assured that clinical research will continue.

On Tuesday Vladimir Putin has declared that Russia is the world’s first registered drug for the prevention COVID-19, was developed in NIZAM of Gamaliel, together with the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF), which, together with partners, has invested four billion virtually any in its production. The vaccine is called “Satellite V”.

According to information from the State register of medicines, the drug will be a solution for intramuscular introduction. Vaccination plan to conduct in two stages: first, component I, in three weeks component II.

As reported in the Ministry of health, the double scheme is the introduction allows you to create long-lasting immunity of up to two years.

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