October 7, 2021


Coronavirus COVID-19

Called “atypical” symptoms of coronavirus

Some patients with the coronavirus found unusual symptoms of the disease, said the study, researchers from the University of East Anglia (UEA).

From the beginning of April to end of June, the experts observed a group of older people with suspected COVID-19. In total, the volunteers were 518 employees from 44 nursing homes.

In 103 subjects tests for the infection were positive, while only 38 percent of the infected were identified classic symptoms of the virus (cough, fever, loss of smell, etc.).

54 citizens in the age of the symptoms is either not there at all, or they made themselves felt only two weeks after the tests. As the researchers note, many infected instead of the usual symptoms felt “unwell” and “General state of ill health”. These characteristics were highlighted by scientists in the category of “atypical”.

The results of the research, the scientists concluded that living in nursing homes people are at high risk of infection with new coronavirus, as they often do at this age already have comorbidities that complicates the course of infection. In this regard, the usual malaise may already be the reason for going to the doctor and testing COVID-19.

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