October 7, 2021


Coronavirus COVID-19

The immunologist said about the possible beginning of a third wave of coronavirus

Historically, all viral pandemic proceeded in three waves. About the probability of occurrence of the third wave COVID-19 told the representative of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Center for immunology and molecular Biomedicine, Moscow state University Professor Mikhail Paltsev.

A clear forecast about the future behaviour of the virus yet. However, immunologist sure about the second wave. He stressed that the situation can worsen and new strains of influenza that appear in the fall, said the “parliamentary newspaper”.

Specialist reported that mutations, which could indicate that coronavirus is becoming more aggressive, is not revealed. As for recurrent disease, are recorded in France and in Russia.

The coronavirus mutates really, but the change is basically only protein receptors of his shell, “said Michael Finger.

Historically, all viral pandemic has proceeded in three waves, said Fingers. The first wave is sufficiently strong, the second stronger and the third is already less weakening due to the formation of collective immunity. Immunologist is leaning that pandemic coronavirus is still three waves. It highlights the fact that the virus is new, and that means that it should be studied.

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