October 7, 2021


Coronavirus COVID-19

The first batch of vaccine against the coronavirus will release within two weeks

The first batch of vaccine against the coronavirus will be released within two weeks, in the first place they will be sent to physicians. About this informed the head of the Ministry of health of Michael Murashko.

Over the next two weeks will be the first packaging of a medicinal product vaccines against coronavirus infection, primarily for medics“, — he said at a briefing on Wednesday.

Domestic market
Production of vaccine against the coronavirus will focus primarily on the domestic market.

I think that first of all the production facilities in the Russian Federation, they are focused on the domestic market, because we need to cover the demand of our citizens, “said Murashko.

He added that Russia will offer the vaccine on foreign exchanges.

Today negotiations are underway. RDIF (Russian direct investment Fund — approx. TASS) joined the work on the export of technologies and drug can release on other platforms“, — the Minister added.

Voluntary vaccination

Vaccination against novel coronavirus infection will be voluntary for physicians in those institutions, where up to 20% of workers already have immunity.

In any case, the vaccination will be voluntary. And those doctors who already have immunity to such 20% of health workers found in different organizations different number, there is a vaccination, we believe that is not necessary. Therefore, it will be offered directly on the choice of the medical worker, “said Murashko.

The Ministry recommends that you get vaccinated for the flu most healthcare workers, and persons with chronic diseases.

I want to note that we would recommend influenza vaccination for all patients with obesity, chronic heart disease, lung disease, diabetes. <…> And we will recommend [to be vaccinated] health care workers to protect both them and patients of medical institutions. The volume of personnel vaccination should be 80-85%, “—said Murashko.

The Minister also urged to be vaccinated educators and teachers. In addition, the Agency recommends that citizens, particularly those from risk groups to get vaccinated against pneumococcal infection.

Paid and free vaccination

The question of paid and free vaccination of citizens against the new coronavirus infection will be considered by government.

I think now we will create a volume, and, of course, would like to try other options, — said Mykola Murashko, answering the question of whether the vaccine is free. — This decision will be made in the government. I think it will be the final stage, has prepared a draft for the introduction to the list of essential drugs (essential drugs) as soon as [be introduced in] the list of essential drugs, then there will be a price“.

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